Discover the QuickLift® Difference

10 Reasons to Choose the QuickLift® Facelift

1. Highly Rated and Reviewed

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Highly Rated and ReviewedJust search "The QuickLift®" online and compare. Our patient satisfaction levels rate higher than similar quick-recovery procedures. We are confident that any research you do will give you a clearer perspective on your best choices.

2. Personalized Treatment

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Personalized TreatmentAll QuickLift® doctors are locally-owned, established practices. QuickLift® doctors don't "temp" at pop-up franchise facilities that may come and go. You'll feel safe knowing that your doctor will still be there when you need him or her.

3. Customization

Discover the QuickLift Difference: CustomizationNever a "one-size-fits-all" procedure, your specific needs and concerns are considered individually — for optimal results. QuickLift® doctors examine your facial anatomy and listen to your personal needs to offer you options.

4. Experience

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Experienced Board-Certified SurgeonsTop-rated, experienced and board-certified surgeons — averaging 10+years of specialization — are selected as "Exclusive QuickLift® Surgeons."

5. Lasting Results

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Lasting ResultsNot only does the QuickLift® tighten and reduce sagging skin, our unique techniques offers patients the natural, long-lasting beauty that they desire.

6. Personalized Treatment

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Personalized TreatmentSince your surgeon is in a local private practice, you'll see the same board-certified doctor who performs your procedure before and after surgery — for seamless and compassionate follow-up care.

7. Innovative Excellence

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Innovative ExcellenceNow in its third generation, The QuickLift® has been published in medical journals since 2004. In many ways, the QuickLift® is a more technically-refined procedure than other quick recovery facelifts — offering you natural-looking and lasting results.

8. Holistic Approach

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Holistic ApproachYour Exclusive QuickLift® Surgeon typically offers a multitude of medically-based, face and body skin treatments and surgical procedures for all your aesthetic needs. Your doctor helps you make choices based on your individual goals — as well as your health, lifestyle and finances.

9. Integrity

Discover the QuickLift Difference: IntegrityBy providing you with honest evaluations, realistic expectations, QuickLift® doctors are true patient advocates. All candidates are carefully evaluated through a comprehensive qualification process.

10. Real Patient References

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Real Patient ReferencesWe encourage you to speak with one of our QuickLift® patients who will be happy to share her experience with you.

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