Ann Pile’s QuickLift® Face Lift Patient Story

I'm 64 years old and people can't believe that I am!

Ann Pile, 64 year old QuickLift Patient
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"I had heard all my life that I look younger than my age, and it's something that I became rather used to and enjoyed," reports attractive 64-year-old mother Ann Pile.

But Ann remembers when the signs of age seemed to finally be catching up with her. "I noticed that I had a lot of loose skin along my jaw line. The sides of my face had begun to look very thin and I kept wondering, 'Where are my checks, what happened to them?' And I was looking a little tired, a little raggedy around the edges."

Still, a face lift had never seriously crossed her mind. Like most of us, Ann had seen people who have undergone the old-fashioned full and mid face lift procedures that used to leave patients with a very obvious 'pulled' appearance. "It's something that I have always been concerned about with a face lift I've seen people that have had face lifts and their face was stretched, and I didn't want to look that way at all." Ann also muses, "I can't imagine that my own mother would have ever considered anything like it!"

One of the important things Ann learned about at The Skin Center Medical Spa was a breakthrough cosmetic procedure called the QuickLift®. Developed by Dr. Dominic Brandy as an updated version of the popular S-Lift procedure, the QuickLift face lift provides significant cosmetic improvement through a lower and mid face lift that also enhances the look of the upper neck. Compared to the S-Lift, the QuickLift has smaller incisions, a quicker recovery, lower risk of complications and immediate results. "It's a more conservative procedure than a traditional face lift," explains Dr. Brandy, "but, in my view, I think it gives as good, if not sometimes a better result than a conventional face lift."

The more she learned about the QuickLift, the more sensible the procedure seemed to Ann. "I don't think that anyone my age should try to look like a teenager. I wanted to do an intelligent change. I do think that you can 'age gracefully' and still do this."

Ann wanted to "take some action while I still could, while I felt I could still get some good results." She went ahead and scheduled her QuickLift face lift. "I was in and out of there in a very short time," says Ann. "I believe it was about an hour and a half."

Certainly, Ann wanted to achieve a more youthful appearance.  But, understandably, she chose the QuickLift option partly because retaining a very natural appearance was so important to her. "My daughter Erin was concerned about this procedure. We don't get to see her very often, and she was concerned I wasn't going to look like her mom. But as soon as my daughter saw the photo of me on the Internet, she called and said, 'Mom you look just like yourself, only ten years younger and very well rested!'"

And how does the patient herself feel? "Oh, I have so much more self-confidence. I've always had a lot of self-confidence, but I lost it for period and now I have it back and feel like me again. It looks like a miracle. It's amazing. Beyond my expectations. I have full cheeks now, which is very pleasing. And certainly my bone structure is back. I am just delighted! I'm 64 years old and people can't believe that I am!"

Ann sees a funny irony in her new happiness. "I don't think about things like how I look anymore, like I was starting to. I just feel like myself and it's great just going about my business."

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