Another QuickLift® Facelift ‘Aha Moment’

Read on for Paula's story... in her own words.


Dr. Brandy,                                                                                                           

Wow!  Where do I even begin?  To simply say “thank you” would be an understatement to say the least.  I guess that’s a good place to start, THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

For years my “gobbler’ has bothered me.  I have been very self conscience.  After losing 45 pounds, it sagged and hung lower than ever, I certainly looked much older than 48.

In May 2012 while dancing at the reception of some friends, our daughter snapped a picture of my husband Mark and I dancing.  It was a side view.  When I downloaded the pictures, I was mortified.  I looked as though I had some kind of webbed growth from my chin to my collar bone.  That was the moment I decided it had to go!

Paula's QuickLift Face Lift 'Aha Moment'Having seen many “facelifts gone wrong” in the media, I knew I wasn’t going to trust my face to just any one who called themselves a cosmetic surgeon.  So my search for the BEST cosmetic surgeon began.  I called a plastic surgery center for an info package. In less than an hour later, I received a high pressure call to set up a consultation for that week.  That was a huge red flag to me; I scratched them from my list.  I then saw a commercial for the QuickLift, when I called for an info pack the lady was super nice.  She said once I looked over it, I could make an appointment for a free consultation if I was interested. I had to cancel my 1st appointment.  I said I would have to call back to reschedule, still I did not feel pressured.  She simply said, “OK, Mrs. Zeiler, Call when you’re ready!”

From the very 1st call, the consultations and the morning of surgery I had a peace and KNEW I had made the right decision.  I felt very confident I was in the hands of the BEST cosmetic surgeon I could be.

Dr. Brandy, you do amazing work!  I love what I see when I look in the mirror.  No more turtle necks for me!  I get so many compliments, most people think I have lost more weight and of course that’s when I pull out my before and after photos. Most are surprised at how natural I look and do not have the “Hollywood fake look”.Paula's After Photo, QuickLift Face Lift

I truly look like I did at least 15 years ago.  I wanted rid of my gobbler and got so much more.  My skin and eyes have a youthful, refreshed glow again!  You have given me back my self confidence, and that is priceless!  Thank you again!


Your happiest and most satisfied patient!

Paula Signature

Paula's QuickLift Before and After Photos

Paula's QuickLift Face Lift before and after photos