QuickLift® Proves to be an Affordable Option in Slowing Economic Times

Despite a slowing economy the QuickLift®, a minimally-invasive lower face lift procedure, gains popularity.

While consumer confidence and spending have dropped for many retailers and service oriented businesses, The Skin Center Medical Spa, with locations in Pittsburgh and Columbus, Ohio, reports an increased demand for the QuickLift®.

The QuickLift®, a minimally-invasive lower face lift procedure that tightens sagging skin along the jaw line and under the chin, is a more affordable and natural face lift option for people considering a full face lift. "We have found that when times are slow economically, people tend to want to invest in themselves," said Dominic A. Brandy. MD, developer of the QuickLift® and founding medical director of The Skin Center Medical Spa. "It gives them a boost of confidence and self-esteem that translates to more productivity and success at work and in their personal lives."

The QuickLift® offers superior results at a fraction of the cost of a traditional facelift, is performed with local anesthesia and takes approximately 1 -2 hours. Additional procedures, such as liposuction of the neck or eyelid surgery, can be performed with a QuickLift® to address other conditions including double chins and excess skin above or beneath the eyes. The QuickLift® is often referred to as the weekend facelift. When performed alone, the recovery from a QuickLift® can be as little as a long weekend and results can be seen immediately.

For more information on the QuickLift®, to view dramatic "before" and "after" photos and to watch video testimonials visit www.quickliftmd.com.

Having performed over 1,000 QuickLift® procedures since 2004, Dr. Brandy is a leader in minimally invasive facial rejuvenation and continues to develop innovative techniques to give patients a natural looking result with the least amount of downtime.

Dominic Brandy, MD, is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with 25 years experience performing various aesthetic procedures. Dr. Brandy is a former instructor in the fellowship program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine's Department of Dermatology and serves as medical director for The Skin Center Medical Spa with locations in Pittsburgh, PA and Columbus, Ohio.

Physicians from across the country travel to Pittsburgh, PA to learn how to perform the QuickLift® during Live Surgery Workshops hosted by Dr. Brandy at The Skin Center Medical Spa. In addition to watching the QuickLift® Live Surgery workshop, the curriculum includes a presentation on the history of the QuickLift®, didactic discussion on the anatomy of the face and surgical considerations and applications, adjunct surgical procedures and aesthetic ancillary care, and ancillary procedures that complement the QuickLift® procedure.

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