Discover the QuickLift® Difference: For Physicians


1. Highly Rated and Reviewed

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Highly Rated and Reviewed

Just search “The QuickLift” online and compare. Our patient satisfaction levels rate higher than similar quick-recovery procedures. Our QuickLift® physicians credit the QuickLift® program as the most successful marketing effort they’ve ever experienced.

2. Your Name is On The Door

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Personalized Treatment

All QuickLift® doctors maintain their own locally-owned, established practices. QuickLift® doctors never temp at pop-up franchise facilities that may come and go. Patients feel reassured knowing that you will still be there when they need you. Patients are yours to keep.

3. Customization

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Customization

Never a one-size-fits-all procedure, The QuickLift® gives you the opportunity to address each patient’s specific needs individually. Customized add-on procedures offer the QuickLift® patient optimal results and greater levels of patient satisfaction—while yielding additional revenues for your practice.

4. Experience

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Experienced Board-Certified Surgeons

Only top-rated, experienced and board-certified surgeons—averaging 10+ years of specialization—are selected as “Exclusive QuickLift® surgeons.” You’ll feel confident that you are listed among only reputable doctors.

5. Lasting Results

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Lasting Results

Not only does the QuickLift® tighten and reduce sagging skin, our Triple Concentric Purse-String Plication (TRIPS) technique offers patients faster recovery times and the natural, long-lasting beauty they desire—taking over ten years off their appearance.

6. Continuous Care

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Personalized Treatment

Since QuickLift® surgeons are in their own private practices (rather than franchised facilities) patients are assured of personalized treatment with a continuity of care. They are comforted knowing that they will see the same, board-certified doctor—before, during and after surgery—rather than a “provider du jour.”

7. Innovative Excellence

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Innovative Excellence

The QuickLift® is a modified S-Lift that was developed in 2003 by Dominic A. Brandy, MD. The procedure has been published in medical journals since 2004 and technically refined over the years. Now in its third generation, Dr. Brandy’s modifications include Triple Concentric Purse-String Plication (TRIPS) for long-term, natural results.

8. Holistic Approach

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Holistic Approach

Since QuickLift® patients are your patients to keep, you can develop your own “whole person” approach to patient care by offering your full range of face, body and skin treatments and surgical procedures. You can develop your own treatment plans to meet your patients’ individual aesthetic goals while keeping their overall health, lifestyle and finances in mind.

9. Integrity

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Integrity

With the QuickLift® program, the integrity of your practice stays intact. You can set your own pricing and choose how to manage your patients—from inquiry through post-procedure follow-up.

10. Real Doctor References

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Real Patient References

Find out what our QuickLift® doctors are saying. We encourage you to speak with a few of our 40+ doctors who will be happy to share their experiences with you. From lasting results to increased revenue, our doctors continually experience benefits of The QuickLift®.